Sport around

Summer activities
  • mountain biking at forest paths under the mountain range with the peak - Ještěd, wide variety of terrain offers perfect biking for active riders and also for downhill riders in area Ještěd,
  • running - hilly terrain offers opportunity for advanced runners, more flat paths serve very well for enthusiastic runners, who love feelings after running and do not have ambitions to compete,
  • walking or nordic walking - if you start for walk up to the mountain range you will be reward by beautiful scenery and views on the city of Liberec and Jizerské mountains and in case of nice weather you will se Krkonoše mountains and the highest peak of the Czech Republic - Sněžka (1620 m), 
  • in-line skating and roller ski - the famous cross-country area - Vesec (area for World Championship in Cross-country skiing 2009) offers new track with advanced profile for competition and also more flat parts of the track near to stadium. 
  • swimming - aquapark Babylon,


Winnter activities
  • downhill skiing - lyžarský areál pod Ještědem - tracks for day and night skiing, another opportunity to ski is in Bedřichov - Jizerské mountains, 
  • cross-country skiing - you can choose for long and romantic trips across Jizerské mountains ranges or if you prefer intensive skiing you can take tracks for competition (track for competion view) during day or during late evening,