About us

We are a family pension with over 20 years of tradition in providing accommodation. During this period we have been developing and modernizing our pension. We have recently renovated two apartments with emphasis on both, the practical usage and aesthetic impression. The location of our pension alloows our guests to spend their leisure time actively. In the summer time, there are wide range of possibilities to ride a bike, run, skate on in-lines and walk in the forest on its variety paths just around the corner under mountain peak – Ještěd. During the winter time, one can visit the nearby areas for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or enjoy long cross-country trips across Jizerské mountains.


Are you wondering why we are called TRELYUB? Let us give you short explanation to show you little bit of our history, tradition and family. TRELYUB does not mean any specific word in the Czech language, but it connects three specific words representing activities typical for our family business and us. Firstly, TRE refers to “trénink” – training which we are doing actively or/and we used to do before (as young :). Secondly, LY means part of word “lyže” – ski, especially for cross-country skiing. Lastly, UB “ubytování” means accommodation which we are providing for you.


With respect to our strong family tradition of cross-country skiing, we are offering services and consultation in the area of cross-country skiing for our actively orientated quests. We provide advices and training consultation related to improving condition and specific preparation for competition. Moreover we offer guidance in ski preparation and waxing. We also provide waxing service for specific sport events like cross-country marathon “Jizerska 50”. 


Please, do not hesitate and feel free to ask us for any information trelyub@seznam.cz